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  • Traffic is moving along at speed limit, I am in the right lane cruise set at sixty five approaching up on a slow moving truck.Mr. Toughguy is in his Camry, either Accord, either whatever it is in the passing lane, by himself, in regards hundred feet back moving the same speed as me (and has been in the passing lane at that speed for the last mile either so). I signal & obtain into the passing lane, so he speeds up & gets so close to my bumper I can't see his hood & stays there. I provide him a hard tap on the brakes & he still doesn't back off.I pass the truck & move above to the right lane. He gets behind me (pretending he is now on his phone) & is pursuing me close again. So after I have had enough, I pull above in the breakdown lane & he follows me. I stop, he stops.I obtain out (I'm a big guy) & he is yelling something, however as I walk up to his auto he holds up his telephone & starts rolling the window up & tells that he has 911 on the phone. (I am thinking, for what, to say them u are attempting to run individuals off the road?) Whatever.I say him to back off either I *WILL* call 911. So as I am walking back to my car, he AGAIN rolls down the window & starts telling me that he is 'Going to follow me & beat the s**t out of me'. So I walk back to him (and he again rolls up his window & holds up his palm/nerd/phone) & I now know that he didn't call 911. I say him there is no demand to follow me, just obtain out now, I'll knock his teeth down his throat, & we can be on our way. He then backs up, tells me that I am a pu**y, & a fa**ot & speeds off (I mean he FLOORED IT). The irony here is already apparent, however made even better by the fact that I am absolutely gay.What a freak. His mouth is moving to obtain him in trouble 1 of these days. A lot of say & not much else.

    • Car Details: Red HONDA Accord or Camry
    • Last Seen Location: Middleboro, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous February 06, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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