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  • My mum was en voyage through a construction section in which there was 1 1 lane. The other lane was blocked off for merging & there was signs clearly posted long before operators required to merge. This motorist had already successfully merged however clearly felt that she was more important than all of the other operators on the road. She went into the merging lane & attempted to speed to the front of the line. None of the operators in the front would allow her merge back in, so she was at a standstill standing by until her original place in line came back up. She had been just behind my mother & she was attempting to unsafely merge by forcing her auto between two cars. My mother would not provide her room to do this & she received upset & gave us the finger & snarled out the window at us. Her impolite behavior received her nowhere, she went through the light at the same time as all else & finished up in the same spot she had been in before.Thanks to all the great operators ahead of us who didn't respond to this woman's bullying & those behind us who didn't follow her not good example!Saturday, Sept. 18th, 2010 on Howell Ave.

    • Car Details: OTHER SUV-type vehicle
    • Last Seen Location: Oak Creek, Wisconsin, US
    Anonymous September 19, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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