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  • Cut me/others off: Light Green

    • Car Details: Nissan Altima
    • Last Seen Location: Colorado, US
    Anonymous July 05, 2012
    Flagged As: Information
  • This moron intentionally cut his auto in the left lane in front of me, causing me to crash on my brakes to a stop & almost causing accident #1, to halt my progression down a merging lane. I guess he didn't enjoy that I would be ahead of him in the merged lane (REALLY??). ᅡᅠWhen I pulled behind him, he wagged his 'no-no-no' finger in the back view, at which point I raised my hand palm up (no profane gesture at all) indicating 'What the heck??' ᅡᅠAt that point, he brake-jacks me, almost causing accident #2.ᅡᅠ Beware of this jerk... ᅡᅠHe clearly is a frustrated, mall-cop wannabe who lives in his mother's basement & attempts to exert the 1 control (and allegedly the 1 exercise) in his life through irresponsible & dangerous maneuvers of his 2-ton vehicle. ᅡᅠBrake-jacking is particularly contemptible. I bet this guy shoved down children on the playground, & then went crying to the teacher that 'they started it'. Dude, obtain a life, move out of ur mom's basement, obtain a new hobby (maybe smash the gym??), & stop putting other individuals in harms way.

    • Car Details: Green Nissan
    • Last Seen Location: Lakewood, CO, US
    Anonymous July 07, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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