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  • Morning Rush Hour, Tollway 190, heavy Traffic. Yes - I saw you, we all saw you. You was in regards four vehicles ahead of me, in the right many lane - as the exit was approaching up. But with less than a 1/3 mile to go, u received impatient. So u went to the middle lane. You wanted to pass & cut that guy back off again so u could make the exit. Problem is, there is a onramp just before the off ramp (on ramp/off ramp briefly share the same lane). So all of a sudden, u was 2 lanes away from ur exit, not just one. And traffic is still pretty heavy. So then u decided crash on the brakes, cut off 2 operators rather of just one, no blinker, cutting across all 3 lanes to make ur 'last possible second' exit. All this - despite that fact that u was originally in the correct lane to begin with. Was it worth all the effort?

    • Car Details: Red DODGE Intrepid
    • Last Seen Location: Irving, Texas, US
    Anonymous May 06, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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