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  • Heading west on Rt7 in towards Tysons Corner, this aggressive motorist was weaving in & out to pass vehicles as a result of they undoubtedly weren't moving fast enough for them. This is crazy, since the speed of traffic on that stretch into TC was well above the posted speed limit. I noticed him approaching up on the right of 2 lanes total moving east bound, & continued my speed in the left lane as the auto that he was coming in his lane was very close to my location & I wanted to continue forward & obtain in front of the slower auto in the right lane. This wasn't enough, the aggressive motorist had to speed up, & attempt to fit in front of me & the motorist in front of him in the right lane. If it had NOT been for me having to hammer on the break AND the horn he would have clipped my front commuter side panel & front of my auto as he came above into my lane w/o a signal. I whipped out my camera, & grabbed a couple of pictures later down the road. He finished up taking off east bound on 267 (Dulles Toll Road) otherwise I would have made out the Dealer's tag on the front (since the tag on the back WAS a dealer tag) that was cardboard. If this is YOUR Dealership's car, please obtain in touch with me, as I have a picture of the shoddy employee that was en voyage that I snapped when I passed him in traffic.

    • Car Details: Black or Dark Blue BMW 750Li
    • Last Seen Location: Vienna, Virginia, US
    Anonymous May 20, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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