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  • Westbound on the 202 Loop in Chandler.Driver was moving sixty in the left lane causing a dangerous situation.Multiple operators had to pass on right to bypass this tard.I came up behind the motorist & flashed my lights so he may change lanes.At this time I already had in regards 3 card on my back attempting to pass.The motorist not ever changed lanes & I wound up passing him on the right.The motorist followed me to my exit & followed me to a local comp parking lot (about 1 mile from the highway exit.) I noticed he was doing this & grabbed him for a ride around the occupation complex. That is when I received the plate num & went up behind the van. The VAN went around the block & came up behind me again. I grabbed off in to the parking structure & the VAN dissappeared.In addition to being a sap of a motorist & causing a dangerous situation, this motorist is a stalker & weirdo. Who knows what this individual had on his mind. Keep aware of a burgundy minivan 112 XGN (possibly a dodge caravan.) I wonder if it's possible to file a cops report for this sort of action? Any tips appreciated.

    • Car Details: Burgundy DODGE caravan?
    • Last Seen Location: Chandler, Arizona, US
    Anonymous October 08, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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