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  • I was en voyage down Hurstbourne Parkway when I realized that my left shift was approaching up & I required to change lanes. I put on my signal to indicate a lane change & glanced above my shoulder to see the Corvette motorist accelerating in order to block me from passing. This is when I made my mistake: I changed lanes anyway, & most likely cut him off. The motorist then switched into the lane I had just left, accelerated & attempted to sideswipe me few times. He then forced his way back into the lane I was in & smash his brakes a lot times. Had I not moved into the left shift lane I needed, he most likely would have continued his behavior. Instead, he continued (tailgating the SUV that had been in front of me) to the left shift for I-64.

    • Car Details: Yellow. CHEVROLET Corvette
    • Last Seen Location: Louisville, Kentucky, US
    Anonymous February 03, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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