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  • This plate absolutely has the 'We Will Never Forget' background, however that wasn't available as a selection here. Considering that the plate is the special 9/11 commemorative edition, the fact that the auto had a New York Yankees license plate frame, & the fact that the plate num '11212' is a ZIP code for Brooklyn, I'm guessing the owner is originally from NYC. Unfortunately, no 1 ever taught him how to drive. At 6:30pm going east on Elk Grove Boulevard, I counted no less than six lane changes in the course of less than a mile, all in moderately heavy traffic, all made without using a shift signal. And in the end, despite his insistence on getting into traffic lanes with fewer cars, he failed to consider that fewer vehicles doesn't mean a faster lane & he was STILL behind me by the time I turned toward a different street. Please brush up on the California Driver Handbook. And that lever to the left of ur steering wheel? It operates the shift signals. Please use it, jerk.

    • Car Details: VOLVO XC 70
    • Last Seen Location: Elk Grove, California, US
    Anonymous March 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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