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  • Learning to operate in morn hurry hour traffic is a idiotic thing to do. While this individual was en voyage by themselves, they acted as though they was unfamiliar with how to drive. This individual started out to be a minor annoyance by moving twenty miles under the speed limit. I'm unsure if they was truly that oblivious either if they was attempting to play a game with the other cars. They would be extremely slow up until it was legal to pass them - then they'd speed up, making it impossible to pass them in time! I was stuck behind this individual for roughly twnty five minutes. Several times they would swerve outside of their lane, a small times almost moving off of the road! When they approached a stop light at 1 point, they didn't stop until they was well previous the pedestrian crossing. Then they decided to attempt & back up, even though there was no room to do so. I honestly thought they was moving to smash the individual behind them! This was at the point where there was four lanes. After the light turned green, they swerved into the lane next to them, almost smashing alternative car! Watch out for this individual - they might just run u off the road!

    • Car Details: gray OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Conway, Arkansas, US
    Anonymous April 12, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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