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  • Almost ran into this nitwit on Ann Arbor Road west of Haggerty this afternoon. The motorist was turning left toward Ann Arbor as I was approaching, no signal. Idiot sat in the left-turn lane standing by to merge. I stopped to bypass sliding into the van. I didn't obtain plate; I kept moving east however noted few white lettering that spoke 'Relax. .. ' in the biggest letters as a slogan. Maybe a cleaning company? I'd have phoned the comp to complain in regards the poor judgment, however didn't obtain a number. And my battery was low; police was right nearby. Anyone know whose truck this is? The brazenness of few stupid operators is just astonishing.

    • Car Details: black with white lettering FORD Econoline? OTHER brand?
    • Last Seen Location: Plymouth, Michigan, US
    Anonymous December 17, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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