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  • I would enjoy to know reason,for this driver,of audi,girl in 20-30'white,pushing break pedal so hard,in front of me,on i-80 eb close to exit for 1300east,sugarhouse,@0953 am,this morning.First of all next auto in front of audi 1 was likely distance fifty feet either more,that auto was no reason for such reaction,I was not close to this car,speed is there 40mph.Only 1 thing to tell is motorist of this auto requires to go for more hours in en voyage school.I would recomend it friendly asap.You can not operate enjoy that on highway either anywhere.that is called,hazard on road.Then same motorist does traffic violation again,after traffic light on 1300E,we two turned left toward nb 1300E,with 1 big difference.Changing lane amidst shift on left into nb way,Without using signal,from left to right lane,is illegal & hazard.If u do not know how to use navigation system in car,DO NOT drive,dear friend.Later on next traffic light on 2100S,car twists right on east bound 2100S,passing RED light,wich is Violation of stop sign law.Turning right on red light,Car Must be stopped.This motorist is potential hazard for pedestrains as well.I would tell again,SLPD either SSLPD,watch out for this car.driver is clueless to operate & ready for traffic school,if not take DL away.Drivers in SLC,watch for this person,name HAZARD on road.

    • Car Details: black AUDI quattro
    • Last Seen Location: salt lake city, Utah, US
    Anonymous May 26, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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