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  • Thurs 9/4/08, around 8:15pm - In the area where Canal Rd towards DC splits into 2 lanes, I decided to pass a very slow motorist in front of me. Then this dark blue hog of a pickup truck that was originally 2 vehicles behind me decides to tail me as I'm passing this slow driver, & just as I'm ready to merge back to the right lane before the left lane ends, he swerves back into the right lane & tries to speed up as to not allow me in. I naturally speed up to attempt to obtain my rightful place in the right lane & he refuses to slow down, approaching inches from smashing me in the back right bumper. haven't u heard of a merge lane, u dumb prick? & to have the nerve to crash on his brakes & hold down HIS horn for a good ten seconds at ME as if I did something wrong?! u don't own the road; learn how to operate before u kill someone.

    • Car Details: Dark Blue OTHER Pickup Truck
    • Last Seen Location: Canal Rd southbound, Maryland, US
    Anonymous September 12, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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