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  • this dipstick was in morn hurry hour traffic in downtown Honolulu, moving makai on Bishop. He's just makai of of King in the left shift lane for Merchant Street, with a green light, however comes to a dead stop just short of the intersection. I honk & he just continues sitting there until the light twists red. I'm thinking to myself, what is this moron doing? The light twists green & what does our hero do? He just continues to sit there, picking his nose, either playing with himself either whatever. By now there are more vehicles behind me standing by to shift toward Merchant so I honk again. No reaction. I start honking again, & he finally twists toward Merchant, however comes to a dead stop again after in regards fifty feet, so I have to go around him to obtain where I'm going. This dumbass requires to return his license to Cracker Jack so they can award it to few someone with a small more functioning brain cells than he has. Rush hour traffic is not good enough without bozos enjoy u - take the bus!

    • Car Details: white FORD pickup truck (full size)
    • Last Seen Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, US
    Anonymous April 17, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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