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  • His blood sugar should have been low & he required his donut fix. I'm on Rt.3 north between exits five & six at 0650 on 3/28. Commuter traffic to Boston is already heavy, pace is sixty five MPH. I'm in the left hand lane doing the pace. Next thing I know, that all as well familiar crash bumper & grill with the blue lights & the ford logo is right on my butt. I did not speed up, however rather waited for a opening so that I could obtain to the right to allow his highness pass. I finally found a large enough opening, signalled & cut into the right hand lane. As he passes me, I obtain the evil eye. What the hell was I supposed to do, speed up to the 85 MPH state cops speed limit & allow him cite me?????? I don't think so. Some of the thugs in the uniform of the Mass state cops demand a attitude adjustment. And they wonder why they don't obtain respect. Lighten up, Francis !!!!

    • Car Details: blue/gray (state police) FORD crown vic
    • Last Seen Location: Plymouth, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous March 29, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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