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  • on 110707 at in regards 850pm, I was in the mcdonalds operate through while this moron old female was blowing smoke out her window in front of me for all to share.instead of using the ashtray in her truck, she threw her still burning cigarette out the window in front of the speaker box so everone behind her could enjoy her cancer causing habit. lets start small. Hillsboro municipal ordinance for littering $250, throwing away a cigarette $250...but wait there's more! Oregon law states that throwing burning materials, specifically cigarettes on the ground is a c-misdemeanor CRIME. it goes hand in hand with the state law for offensive littering, as well a c-misdemeanor crime.keep ur F*****g habit in ur own vehicle.

    • Car Details: white over green & blue CHEVROLET pickup-1980?
    • Last Seen Location: hillsboro, Oregon, US
    Anonymous November 08, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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