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  • We was tooling down I126 into occupation this am approx. 0725, this dumb b*tch is in the away many left lane, keeping pace with the auto next to her in the middle lane. I kept thinking surely she is moving to obtain above so that the mile long line of vehicles stacked behind her wanting to do the speed limit either a small above can proceed on their way, however NOOOOO. She just stayed right beside either right behind the auto next to her. I eventually received behind the auto in the middle lane, who did speed up a little, allowing me a good view of the motorist in the pace SUV, of course she is just yacking on her telephone not paying anybody either anything all attention. When we merge off the interstate, two the middle lane & left merge off in the same direction, she then decides she requires to be in the middle lane. Of course she then speeds up & gets in front of the vehicles already in the middle lane, slows down again, almost causing in regards ten vehicles to back end her stupid ass!! She certain is lucky I am now on meds & am a member of this website! Otherwise, I would have had to call spitty to obtain me out of jail! LOL

    • Car Details: white FORD Expedition
    • Last Seen Location: Columbia, South Carolina, US
    Anonymous September 26, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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