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  • We was headed north on 1300 East, at 1st u was in the left lane. You signaled & switched to the middle lane just north of 2700 South, I thought 'finally, someone who plans ahead for the I-80 entrance. There was plenty of opportunities to move into the right lane before the I-80 light. You was still in the middle lane just before I-80. The light turned green, u pulled forward, put on ur right signal, & held up traffic while u made u way into the right lane to enter I-80. Meanwhile, right behind you, I layed on the horn. Did u care at all that u was being inconsiderate to the operators behind you. Next time attempt thinking of other individuals on the way & obtain in the back of the line rather of being a self centered bastard.

    • Car Details: White CHEVROLET Suburban
    • Last Seen Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, US
    Anonymous May 03, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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