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  • 2014 NISSAN ALTIMA S MAROON DEALER PLATE: DL 10119 AAA NISSAN OF SAINT CHARLES 4/6/14 Nissan of St Charles might be interested to know that whoever this twenty something man was, they insisted on en voyage spoke loaner car at approx. 75+ MPH in a thirty five MPH section on Canfield Ave. This safety conscious individual rolled through a stop sign on Canfield & was then brought to halt by the red light at Higgins. Proceeded to shift left toward Higgins squealing his tire enjoy a real guy & preceded to tail-gate various cars as he drove on Higgins Road. Was last seen going on the 294 toward Indiana/O'Hare. Was most likely supposed to pick up mommy at O'Hare, woke up late & had to make up time. You undoubtedly have no concern for the safety of people around u & it's 1 a matter of time before u kill yourself. Hopefully, u won't take anybody else with you.

    • Last Seen Location: NORRIDGE, Illinois, US
    Anonymous April 07, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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