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  • Some nutto in a Chevy Malibu rode my butt hardcore for MILES down forty Hwy with a lot opportunities to pass. He crowded & harassed other operators along the way, too. Eventually I fled up for fear of being rear-ended. When I reached the traffic light at Little Blue, this maniac stops next to me & is yelling profanities & foaming at the mouth. He was dirty, dishevled & crazed glancing enjoy a meth junkie. He cut me off after the light turned green, almost smashing me for the umpteenth time. Of course he had a burned out brake light, too. Figures.I psyched him out by pretending to shift right then moving straight after he had committed to the right turn. He noticed my move & went the WRONG WAY on a divided way to shift around & follow me. I managed to lose him on I-70, thank goodness. But I had all intention of en voyage to the cops station, had he continued to follow me. Beware. This individual is a lunatic & most likely has no insurance, however is more than willing to attempt & ram ur car. I was scared to death & wishing I could have reached my mobile telephone to call police. But I didn't dare stop as a result of I wanted nothing more than to obtain away from this guy. What is inaccurate with the world when individuals will strike out at a complete stranger enjoy that?

    • Car Details: Grey CHEVROLET Malibu Hatch Back
    • Last Seen Location: Blue Springs, Missouri, US
    Anonymous May 27, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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