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  • Teenage motorist + $45,000 SUV + hurry hour traffic = irresponsible parenting.Hey Mom & Dad - did u know ur punk kid was terrorizing hurry hour traffic Highway 58 today? Weaving, speeding, constant tailgating, & few near collisions cutting off other drivers. Also almost struck 2 pedestrians when swerving back into the right lane to make a last minute shift at in intersection. In a span of miles this moron 1 managed to obtain ahead by 2 either 3 vehicles. You see, its proof that weaving in hurry hour will obtain u nowhere - however not all gets it.Thanks Mom & Dad for producing society's newest dumbass driver. P.S. Those had to be the ugliest 20' rims I have ever seen

    • Car Details: White GMC Yukon
    • Last Seen Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee, US
    Anonymous March 01, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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