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  • Morning hurry hour. I 1st noticed this guy honking & waving his arms (and finger) at a female in a camaro. It was a very big/wide intersection, & evidently he was making a extremely square left hand shift - she cut the corner & passed him amidst the left shift maneuver. (shame on her - I did not obtain her licence plate). But then less than thirty seconds later as I saw him obtain on the freeway - I noticed him waving his left arm out the window - screaming at few someone not using a blinker to obtain on the freeway (girl/camaro was no longer around - it was a completely different altercation). Then as alternative motorist passed him on the left, he starts all this commotion again - pointing down at his dashboard. I guess he disapproved of this 3rd cars speed....so perhaps the girl/camaro was really just attempting to obtain away from him?

    • Car Details: green FORD RAnger
    • Last Seen Location: Lewisville, Texas, US
    Anonymous April 05, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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