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  • Crazy psycho guy on the lose on 83!! I was en voyage to occupation today & made a lane change, shift signal included. Next thing I know the guy behind me blares his horn & starts gesticulating (yah, the finger). I waved to apologize for my imaginary transgression. Sometimes it's just better to attempt & calm the situation down! Anyhow, that didn't work. He went nuts & started Nascar drafting on my tailgate. I changed lanes again & passed a auto in order to put distance between us. He attempted to do the same however the good samaritan I passed closed the gap & rode beside alternative auto to block him. He again went nuts blaring his horn, flipping individuals off everywhere & tailgating.I figured this was the end of it however of course not. I received to the light at 83 right before the I-25 entrance & he pulls up beside me & rolls down all windows on is side. To my amazement there is a young guy sitting in the commuter seat beside him. Yeah a KID! He screams all profanity in the book at me. I finally pick up my mobile phone, wind down my window & say him I'm calling the police. He screams & cusses few more (yes, in front of this child he has as a passenger), flips me off & takes off.So I did call the cops however since we was in different directions now (I received on I-25, he turned left) they did nothing. They spoke me I could go enter a official report (I may later today however I'm pregnant & usually pretty tired after a long day at work). I'm disappointed the cops would not take a report of a aggressive motorist above the phone. I thought Colorado had a 3 reports & u obtain a warning rule however allegedly not. Anyhow - he drove a Black Mercedes SUV with license plate 098 PXB. Watch out for this nut case & his poor child. What is he teaching his kid through his actions?

    • Car Details: Black MERCEDES BENZ SUV
    • Last Seen Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, US
    Anonymous July 29, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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