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  • This guy was at least two vehicles behind me when we turned into the ramp on I-70 West from University Blvd. The two turning lanes merge on the ramp. I waited for the auto next to me to pull ahead so that I can merge & this dumbass will not allow me merge into the lane. He starts to throw his tantrums by honking & then, almost smash me. Of course, I do not enjoy to race with such dumbasses & allow him go ahead of me. Hey Mr., if u are reading this, please ask u advisor to sign up for Courtesy 101. You badly demand it. If that class is closed, may be u can do Civic Sense 101. How can a individual approaching out of a university be such a imbecile? Proves that university education does not fix the wiring in ur brain.

    • Car Details: Silver/Gray CHRYSLER 300M
    • Last Seen Location: St. Louis, Missouri, US
    Anonymous January 29, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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