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  • Traffic was stopped in the left-hand lane as u waited to obtain toward I-5 Southbound from I-90 Westbound. Your lane was moving at perhaps five MPH, while the lane next to u was wide open with traffic moving anywhere from 40-65 MPH. I was in this 2nd lane moving at ~45MPH a small hundred feet from u when u pulled into my lane. Those tires squealing? That was me attempting not to knock ur auto into next week... Please check for oncoming traffic before u pull into a lane & go 10MPH. Also, from the looks of the white paint splattered all above ur back trunk -- u must as well obey those 'Wet Paint - Unlawful to Cross' signs when u see them. Not 1 is crossing wet paint against the law, however it'll really mess up ur auto & damage claims made to the state for such damage are rarely awarded.

    • Car Details: Black HONDA Civic
    • Last Seen Location: Seattle, Washington, US
    Anonymous May 16, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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