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  • As I was en voyage west on Route fifty this morning, I saw a auto coming rapidly behind me. I was in the left lane as a result of I had been passing few slower traffic, & so when I saw the coming auto I signaled to move above to the right. I began to change lanes into the right, however this guy was as well impatient to wait the 1/2 2nd it would have taken & rather attempted to swerve around me to the right. The end result is that we shared the middle lane & almost shared paintjobs. This small guy en voyage a auto that was clearly meant to compensate for his genital shortcomings almost killed us two (don't misunderstand me- Porsches are sweet cars, however they're dangerous in the hands of undersexed megalomaniacs). Furthermore, enjoy many of these scenarios, we finished up at the same place (New Carolton metro garage) at the same time even though 1 1 of us was en voyage enjoy a balloon knot. Unfortunately, I just missed the chance to confront him when we parted ways in the garage.

    • Car Details: navy blue PORSCHE boxster?
    • Last Seen Location: Bowie, Maryland, US
    Anonymous January 19, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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