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  • Approximately 4:55 PM on December 8th, 2006, I was riding my motorcycle west on I-105 towards downtown Eugene after leaving my doctor's office at 4:47 PM. As I rounded the shift that grabbed the highway south I had to brake lightly as a result of traffic in the away right lane from the Delta Highway on-ramp was backed up. I saw a greyish-silver mini-van put on their shift signal & preemptively sounded my horn in 3 bursts of approximately 1/2 2nd & followed with a longer burst as I saw the VAN begin to move into my lane. I as well applied two brakes on my motorcycle. Hard. I saw the mini-van stop with the front 1/3 of her car in my lane blocking my safe passage. I was still braking as I had no idea what she was planning on doing. She then pull out further so that she was blocking 2/3 of my lane (at this point, 'my lane' was the middle lane) & I wasn't certain of the safety of swerving into the left lane to bypass her. I as well did have enough room to come to a emergency stop, although, my back tire felt as though it had locked up & started to skid. She stopped again. Then she continued into my lane & down the freeway, at this point my speed was in regards five MPH & my back wheel was in-line enough with my bike that I felt confident to release it, so I did. I then followed the mini-van to obtain the license plate numbers. She turned left toward 7th ave & I was able to ascertain her license plate number. I pulled along beside her car so that I would later be able to identify the driver. I lifted my face shield & yelled (so that she could hear me through her closed window), 'You almost killed me back there!!!' She glanced at me, hesitated, & then turned forward again. She did not even have the courtesy to apologize. I continued to follow her so that I could obtain more details in regards the car (such as make & model). I followed her along 7th ave to Franklin. From Franklin, we turned right toward Hilyard & then followed Hilyard to 30th avenue. At 30th, we turned right & followed that until Donald, where we turned left at the four-way stop. She continued on to 41st, where she turned left. I followed her down 41st; but, due to the weather & the fact that it was getting quite dark, I slowed to a safe speed & lost sight of her vehicle. The clock on my motorcycle now spoke 5:15 PM.

    • Car Details: Grey/Silver FORD Windstar (I believe)
    • Last Seen Location: Eugene, Oregon, US
    Anonymous June 12, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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