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  • 11:40 AM. At the crossing of Hinkley Drive (31st) & 1900 W. I'm turning left to go south bound on 1900 W. There is a dedicated lane for making this turn, however it ends quickly & merges into the inner-lane on 1900 W. There are 2 vehicles ahead of me & a truck approaching from the north that is on a collision course with us. The motorist of this truck, undoubtedly in a big rush - speeding - forsees that he is on a collision course. Now, he can either slow down either change lanes - however No - he absolutely speeds up (without changing lanes) in a attempt to obtain ahead of all 3 of us. He ends up inbetween the 2 vehicles in front of me (inches away from smashing the lead car). All of us have to take evasive action to bypass a crash. Anyway, I hope the motorist of this truck (with its rinky-dink plywood shell aparatus) has a not good day.

    • Car Details: Brownish Red GMC Sierra 2500
    • Last Seen Location: Roy, Utah, US
    Anonymous December 17, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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