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  • This is a example of 1 of those selfish dumbasses who demand to overcompensate for other lacks by en voyage a big truck. This mofo's problem is his lack of parking ability as witnessed by the fact he can't park between the lines in the parking lot. Thus, he invaded the space where my auto was parked, barely leaving space for me to open the door. It was a miracle I was able to obtain into my car. Damn inconsiderate bastard had plenty of space on his parking space, had he absolutely made few effort to park straight rather of just swooping in without all thought. And to make matters worse? He was parking illegally in a section marked for employees & campus staff. So, besides not being able to operate adequately, illiterate as well.

    • Car Details: Grey FORD F150
    • Last Seen Location: Tyler, Texas, US
    Anonymous September 19, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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