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  • Another mindless dumbass hits the roads. This motorist was not even moving the speed limit on Rt. fifty from Middleburg to the four lane highway. I was two vehicles back & at times I was more than ten miles under the posted limit. When u glance in ur rearview mirror & u see a line of vehicles stretching as away as u can see (and I'm not kidding) something in ur brain must say, 'Pick up the pace'. Obviously u was without a brain this morning. If u cannot bring yourself to go 1 mile above the speed limit (and that is ur right), then out of respect for the other thirty five operators behind you, pull off the way & allow all pass. From all of us who crawled for few miles behind u this morning, we thank you.

    • Car Details: Dark Color OTHER Small Car
    • Last Seen Location: Rt. 50 E., Virginia, US
    Anonymous September 20, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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