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  • 084 BIL red VW This young kid was at the light at the Sequarium with me, I fled off- he figured I was racing... I am a 43 year old woman Dentist (not into racing )...he gets next to me & tries to obtain really close to run me off road...as a motorist u can kiss my butt as a result of I can't be intimidated...so kid--go play in the sand...just be careful if few someone pulls a gun on u for attempting to do that shit...and next time if u do it don't just allow six inches in between...maybe at 2 inches I would have moved !...Daddy , obtain ready for those deductibles !!, & he was carpooling !!!

    • Car Details: red VOLKSWAGEN
    • Last Seen Location: key biscayne, Florida, US
    Anonymous February 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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