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  • Vehicle in turning lane with no shift signals, I, on the other hand, had my shift signals on & pull in behind him. I manuvuered a u-turn. the guy & his commuter follow me house & tells me that he was cut off by me & is a cops officer. I knew the guy was pursuing me home, however he spoke he was a cops officer & I questioned him for identification. He spoke he didn't have it with him at the time. He gets back into his 2005 Ford Ranger, red either cranberry, license#079YWK & I go behind his truck to retrieve his license number. He leaves & I made a report to Jacksonville Police that I encountered a cops impersonator.

    • Car Details: red or cranberry FORD 2005 ranger
    • Last Seen Location: jacksonville, Florida, US
    Anonymous October 14, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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