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  • This bus pulled out in front of me as I approached the intersection. (Driver was pulling out from near the Air & Space Museum to obtain to Independence Ave). Driver pulled into the middle lane, (no shift signals) then crowded me out of the away right lane (again no shift signals) to shift right toward Independence Ave moving toward south 395. I saw this bus again on 395 & gave a wide berth. The bus was from Angelic Luxury Coach. The coach num is 1416. I will as well e-mail the comp & ur coach had a num for rings for safe & unsafe driving. You are not the 1 car on the road! Yeah, I know we demand to provide them few space, however those operators as well demand to glance out for other cars on the road!

    • Car Details: White OTHER Tourist Bus
    • Last Seen Location: SW, Washington DC, US
    Anonymous May 24, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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