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  • Not really clear what Mercedes Model this was, as it had tags that spoke 'BRABUS' where the Mercedes model num normally is, it was a heavily modified silver four door sedan. Anyhow, this guy was en voyage this beast enjoy a maniac on Highway 99E yesterday Northbound, approaching into Canby by the Ford dealership, as my wife was en voyage us house from church. He was passing on the right, moving way above the speed limit (45 in the particular section this happened in), & finally cut in a small vehicles ahead of us, not leaving himself much room for his 'fancy' (read: pathetic) en voyage maneuver. He operates in regards as good as the dumbass children who do the same things in tuner Hondas...which isn't good at all. Do us all a favor & take the thing to the track if u want to operate enjoy that. Hire a chauffer for the rest of the time!!!

    • Car Details: Silver MERCEDES BENZ Brabus???
    • Last Seen Location: Canby, Oregon, US
    Anonymous September 24, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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