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  • This guy pulls out from a shady way toward 55mph Mobile Hwy en voyage a cargo truck with scrap metal in the back bouncing around. The back half of this truck is black. I'm moving down the freeway previous Beulah Rd & a small seconds later this cargo/stake truck pulls out, slowly twists on to the freeway & barely accellerates. Couldn't he see a auto approaching down the highway? Or didn't he care? So I passed this 'driver' & received his tag. I don't pass often on Mobile hwy anymore as a result of of as well a lot impolite operators that will pull out further down the road. But this guy was moving as well slow after turning. The load did not appear to be heavy, just thin scrap metal pieces in his open cargo truck. So passing was easy & individuals behind me passed him too.

    • Car Details: white cab/black cargo area FORD stake truck
    • Last Seen Location: Pensacola, Florida, US
    Anonymous November 08, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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