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  • I just found out in regards this site a small hours ago & knew it wouldn't take long to find a not good driver. I went to my local gasoline station, in regards two minutes from my apartment. To my amazement a women en voyage a silver SUV exited her car to do something in the back seat. The light was green, however there was not a safe way to pass her, so few operators had to sit through the green light while she did god knows what. What really confuses me is why she didn't tend to her back seat issues after moving through the light. When she finally did obtain back in her car, she entered the parking lot of a apartment complex to shift around. Wouldn't this have been a better opportunity to tend to her business? Of coarse it was. I'm just glad all was paying attention & didn't focus merely on the green light causing a accident. Shame on this woman!

    • Car Details: silver OTHER suv type
    • Last Seen Location: Iowa City, Iowa, US
    Anonymous December 17, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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