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  • This is 1 of two tractor-trailers noticed around 1:30PM Dec 6th, west I-66 near Marshall, VA moving in excess of 80mph, in a standoff with each other, speeding & taking up two lanes for few miles (see wire for Maine/A 196117 for other vehicle). The cab was blue & the tralier was silver, however it did not have all comp info on it. The license plate is for the tralier, sorry I didn't catch the 1 for the cab. 80+ MPH is way as well fast for a giant 18-wheeler, & to make matters worse, the two of them grabbed up two lanes & really scared the bejesus out of all else on the road. Not that u have much choice when dealing with a semi, however PLEASE be careful of these two!

    • Car Details: blue cab, silver trailer OTHER Semi
    • Last Seen Location: Marshall, Virginia, US
    Anonymous December 06, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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