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  • Three vehicles in the left lane standing by to shift toward Yale Avenue East from I-25, 1 auto in the right lane standing by for the same turn. A school bus exits I-25 & takes the right-hand lane & stops behind the car. The light changes & all however the lone auto in the right lane twists left. The bus motorist then floored it & then forced the bus into the line of vehicles in the left lane. After the next light at Holly, the bus motorist makes a left forcing all the vehicles to slow down & stop, This bus motorist operates as if the bus was a race car. I can't imagine allowing my children to ride on a bus driven by this lunatic. Whoever is in charge down at the transportation comp must seriously think in regards firing this idiot.

    • Car Details: School Bus Yellow OTHER School Bus
    • Last Seen Location: Denver, Colorado, US
    Anonymous November 07, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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