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  • alternative DA woman on the roads. there was a accident on the 95E before the SB & traffic was backed up to enjoy jones. this DA dumbass female operates in the left brkdwn lane & the many awesome thing happened. a auto pulled out & stopped her from continuing. i didnt have my camera however i soooo wanted to take a pic. i want to tell 'thank you' to that individual for pulling out & i want to tell 'hahahahaha' to that dumbass DA lady. it wouldve even been better if a cop would've pulled out & stopped her. the funny is that no 1 really wanted to allow her back in. i wish all wouldve held their position & not allow her back in. i personally wouldve held my ground & allow her smash me when she was attempting to pull back in. the police wouldve had a hayday with this woman then. i wouldve personally stopped & gave my witness report. if it wouldve been me that she hit, i would sue her for the 'lack of responsibility' either must i tell the 'lack of brains'. YOURE AN IDIOT YOU DA LADY. NEXT TIME, I OR SOMEONE ELSE MAY GET A PIC OF YOU AND POST IT!!!

    • Car Details: light silverish tan TOYOTA 4 door
    • Last Seen Location: las vegas, Nevada, US
    Anonymous May 07, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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