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  • Nothing however a bully on the road. I had a incident with this motorist - a man - 30's - balding - dark features - dark rimmed glasses. Very aggressive & failed to merge. Rode my bumper flashing his lights for me to pull above - I couldn't - it's peak hour traffic - 5pm - when I did pull above he received around me & cut me off, then braked to a stop - this all right out of the tunnel - u just can't do that without causing a accident. He forced me into the barrier then flipped me off - for what??? Just to obtain 1 auto length ahead in bumper to bumper traffic? I phoned the WA County Sheriff's dept. to report his en voyage however there was nothing they could do however send him a letter scolding him. I saw this guy again a couple of months later, bullying other operators & this was at 8am! Dude requires few valium & to stay off the roads.

    • Car Details: Blue-Grey BMW 300 Series
    • Last Seen Location: Portland - 26 westbound, Oregon, US
    Anonymous May 22, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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