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  • Toll Rd. Eastbound @Reston Parkway, 6:45am: The right lane here is undoubtedly a merge lane, & I was attempting to merge toward the Toll Road enjoy I do all day. Now if you're getting off @Wiehle I can understand being in the right lane, however this dumb douchebag not 1 received in the right lane to pass individuals on the right, she SPED UP just to NOT allow me merge - excuse me, however my lane is RUNNING OUT u dumb skank! Merging isn't supposed to be a game of chicken! Bitch, u demand to lay off the drive-thrus & purchase a bicycle - you're the reason the price of food is sky high, because it's pretty obvious that you'll purchase it anyway u giant cow!

    • Car Details: Black HONDA Accord
    • Last Seen Location: Reston, Virginia, US
    Anonymous August 01, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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