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  • I doubt that the motorist of this car is absolutely moving to read this, however: The motorist of this gray Honda Accord allegedly disagreed with my speed of 60mph on MD Route 29, to the point she felt compelled to use the right-handed merge lane to speed previous me. In doing so, she almost sideswiped me, continued to cut me off, sent a lovely vulgar gesture, & fled off. At the stop light ahead (and isn't is something that these manuevers don't really save all time?), I shouted - pretty impolitely - that I had my 1 year-old daughter in the backseat, & inquired if she was out of her mind. Her kind answer was, 'whatever'.I am a physician & mother. I hope that this driver's life is not held in the same low disregard with which she seems to hold mine & my child's.Shame on you.

    • Car Details: Gray HONDA Accord
    • Last Seen Location: Burtonsville, Maryland, US
    Anonymous August 17, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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