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  • Hey ass-for-brains, tnx a lot for NOT allowing me to merge left when a school bus was entering the highway from a on-ramp. I attempted to pass a line of six LLBs lined up enjoy cattle in the left lane, when a school bus began pulling toward the highway from a onramp on the right, directly into my path. I was travelling at freeway speed & would have required to do considerable braking in order to prevent slamming into the back of the school bus. My best option at this point was to merge left, into the two-car length space u left in front of u - until u realized my intent, & SPED UP to prevent me from pulling in front of you. Do u realize we was all careening at 65+ MPH toward a slow-moving school bus, moron? Thankfully, the Subaru that was behind u clearly had more sense & allowed me to merge in front of him - otherwise, there may have been a accident. And even though I may have been cited if there had been, guess whose license plate I would've given to the cops as to the real cause of the accident - YOURS, dumbass. How in regards attempting to be a small more courteous for the new year? There could have been children on that bus, dumb ass. A school bus, for christ sake. A school bus!

    • Car Details: white CHEVROLET dually pickup
    • Last Seen Location: I-66 W, Virginia, US
    Anonymous January 05, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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