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  • OMG.....i could obtain out & walk faster. this DH was moving from the 95E, toward the I-15N & was moving so frkn sloow that he had traffic backed up few cars. i w-anted to obtain out & go walk up to his door & pound on it. fk guy, put ur damn foot on the frkn gasoline pedal. as soon as we received toward the 15N, all pulled out & went around this jackoff. he eventually received off at the next exit, which is D street. individuals do have to obtain to occupation in the morn so pay attention to those around you. take ur slow-ass-driving, off the dam road.

    • Car Details: silver HONDA PC little car
    • Last Seen Location: las vegas, Nevada, US
    Anonymous February 08, 2010
    Flagged As: Information
  • alternative dumbass on the way that doesnt demand to be. this ol' guy requires to go redo his license & i bet the wont reissue it. he was doing twenty on the 95e to 115n ramp. OMG...he had few vehicles bumper to bumper. GET THE FRK OFF THE DAM ROAD.

    • Car Details: silver OTHER little car
    • Last Seen Location: LV, Nevada, US
    Anonymous June 24, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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