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  • Caught this motorist flagrantly 'dinging' the door of my Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia. Hey, accidents happen, however then I noticed that his door edge was peppered with deep scuff marks & chipped paint, from top to bottom. In other words, I couldn't establish the damage to his own door by sheer volume of prior impacts. In fact, a lot colors of other vehicle's paint was still embedded in his own. THIS DRIVER IS A CHRONIC DOOR DINGER WITH NO RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S PROPERTY. Adding up the whacks, I conservatively estimate that this motorist has done thousands of dollars of damage to countless vehicles. 'GET A CLUE PAL! JUST BECAUSE YOUR JEEP IS A BEATER DOESN'T GIVE YOU LICENSE TO DAMAGE OTHER PEOPLE'S PROPERTY! IF IT'S NOT YOURS, IT'S NOT YOURS TO BREAK.' Frankly, I'm still considering hauling this inconsiderate jerk into small claims court, if 1 to champion his victims. As evidence, my iPhone video is quite conclusive. Maybe he'll gain few respect when he gets the bill to fix a $90k car.

    • Car Details: Blue JEEP Grand Cherokee
    • Last Seen Location: Truckee, California, US
    Anonymous December 28, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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