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  • Always obtain a cops report... No matter what. Don't demand one? yes u do no matter what.Insured now claim she did cause the accident however it was eighteen days earlier then the new insurance policy started.Insurance comp accepts her signed confession of the event above evidence to the contrary as a result of there is no cops report so it is her word above all evidence. Even evidence that my auto was ten miles away at the time.She will not say to my insurance company. She will not say to either respond to all inquiries. The accident $$$ isn't worth a lawyer either moving to court. The accident $$$ isnt' worth the deductable on my policy soo off she goes.

    • Car Details: Blue (faded paint) BUICK
    • Last Seen Location: Highland Village, Texas, US
    Anonymous June 16, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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