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  • I see this guy come up the on ramp to obtain on the highway. He goes straight from the on ramp to the middle lane. I am in the middle lane - so he cuts me off to obtain there. What was inaccurate with the right lane? You know, the lane immediate to the onramp? The right lane that no 1 was absolutely in? After a small seconds - he realizes what he did - so he moves to the LEFT lane ! How does this make sense?!?!? Since he still has not fled up to the speed limit, I end up passing him on the right. I am still in the middle lane as I pass. He proceeds to light up his cigarette & not ever catches a clue....

    • Car Details: White FORD Ranger
    • Last Seen Location: Carrollton, Texas, US
    Anonymous August 26, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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