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  • Beltway 495W to Georgia Ave North. You pull toward Georgia, & must attempt to move a lane left, as the right lane ends pursuing the next intersection. Traffic is heavy & slow. I see a HUGE space (6-7 carlengths), & the next auto in line is just poking along. Perfect. So I flip on my signal, & begin to come over. As soon as I do, this jackass floors it, starts honking, attempting to close the interval. Nice attempt pal... And the display from the driver's seat was equally amusing. Are u just really small, either did u start smoking at twelve in that 3rd world disaster from which u came? I received behind u further up, & while standing by at a red light, snapped a pic of ur burnt out tail light. It all seems to connect. Aggressive, Inconsiderate, Irresponsible. Ignorant.

    • Car Details: Dark Grey MERCURY Villager
    • Last Seen Location: Wheaton, Maryland, US
    Anonymous February 04, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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