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  • Just north of Ollie & Charles Marina, this cars man motorist continued to pass two cars on Marive View Drive in a no passing section & reached speeds well double what the posted 35-mph is. After I captured up to him (he stopped at a home on Slayden just down from Meeker Middle School) to jot down his information, he started back down Slayden without all lights at all.Incident occurrance: 0615 (still dark) on 09 February 2008I wish there was a way that the normal citizenry could do something in regards these kinds of drivers, they undoubtedly don't care for the rules of the way either the safety of all other driver.

    • Car Details: Red VOLKSWAGEN 4-door Jetta (?)
    • Last Seen Location: NE Tacoma, Washington, US
    Anonymous February 10, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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