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  • On twnty five July 2007 around 8:15 AM, a red VAN with a EAI Security Sytems logo & Maryland license plate 03M 845 (also had the num 43 painted on the vehicle) was in the right shift lane 1 on Elden St just north of the toll way (267) moving south stopped at the light & I was in the lane next to this car proceeding straight. When the light turned green, the EAI Security Systems car continued straight moving into the shoulder & then turning left into my lane causing me to brake suddenly to bypass being hit. Apparently EAI Security Systems operators do not realize that u cannot cross solid white lines, u should obey traffic signs, u cannot operate on the shoulder, & u should yield to traffic when u don't have the right of way. I have not ever old EAI Security Systems before, however I'm left with the impression that professionalism & attention to detail are not 1 among their qualities. If you're thinking in regards using them, I'd recommend u consider a competitor.

    • Car Details: Red OTHER Unknown small van/mini-van
    • Last Seen Location: Herndon, Virginia, US
    Anonymous July 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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