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  • EB River Rd from Wilson to Goldsboro at in regards 7:30 PM 20-JUL-2009. Driver in black scion, heavy tint, spoiler. Driver tailgates gray BMW at in regards Wilson Ln intersection, enough that BMW taps brakes. I see this as a result of I am in other lane in regards twenty feet behind BMW & alongside Scion. Scion motorist falls back after making poorly judged attempt to obtain around BMW & slower traffic in front of him. However, all traffic behind me & in front of Scion shift at Goldsboro, Scion immediately accelerates until he is less than five feet behind me at in regards thirty five MPH moving up mountain from Goldsboro. I am accelerating to speed from stop at Goldsboro light. Limit here is 45, 2 lanes each way, divided. I shake Scion off by accelerating lifting & then accelerating. I raise my hand palm out facing back window to warn him to back off at same time. I continue accelerating & pass slower traffic in right lane (note, a**hole, if I wanted to block u I could have kept u behind me courtesy of the slower auto on the right). As soon as Scion clears slower auto he performs the unnecessarily close pass, missing my right back bumber by 1 either 2 feet, then pulls alongside with window rolled down & shoots me nasty look. He proceeds up the way making a small more aggressive passes before I shift left into the Whole Foods Bethesda parking lot. Scion driver, u are a complete a**hole. Driving aggressively toward all auto u encounter is totally unacceptable. None of the vehicles u attempted to push around was doing anything wrong, & none of them was 'failing to obtain out of ur way.' If u continue to operate this way I hope u obtain ur license revoked. You are just alternative middle-aged guy with anger issues. You demand to take a long glance in the mirror at how u are living ur life. In the meantime, ur plate is now on Platewire, perhaps ur next date will glance u up & discover u are in fact a total a**hole loser who acts out on the way to bypass facing his own inadequacies. So there.

    • Car Details: Black SCION
    • Last Seen Location: Bethesda, Maryland, US
    Anonymous July 20, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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